can terrarium survive indoors?

Can Terrarium survive indoors ?

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One of the most frequently asked questions to us by people who are willing to buy terrarium for the first time is “CAN TERRARIUM SURVIVE INDOORS ?”

In this blog we will try to give answer to this question.

The chances of terrarium surviving indoors is totally dependent upon:

  • Types of plants in terrarium
  • Location of placement of your terrarium
  • Watering schedule
  • Ventilation

These 4 things will govern the survival chances of your terrarium indoors. Lets discuss these points in detail one by one.

delightful aspects of WILDROOTS terrariums is their adaptability to indoor environments. Unlike traditional gardens, which require ample sunlight and outdoor conditions, these self-contained ecosystems thrive in the comfort of your living room or workspace. Thanks to their sealed glass containers, terrariums create their own miniature microclimates, recycling moisture and nutrients to sustain their inhabitants.

can terrarium survive indoors?

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Types of plants in terrarium

Basically terrarium are of 2 types

  • Open terrarium 
  • Closed terrarium

To read more about Open and closed terrarium click on the link

At wild roots we make terrariums with 4 different plant varieties

  • Succulents
  • Bonsai
  • Indoor plants
  • Cactus

Over the period of time we have found out that all these plants varieties can survive well indoors. Terrarium arrangements with Cactus, Succulents and bonsai  are to be kept at a bright place in order for them to thrive like near to a window or in a bright room

However terrariums containing Indoor plants survive well in a darker place like in bed room side tables or corner tables.

You need to keep this point in  consideration while choosing your type of terrarium with Wild Roots.

Ideal Indoor Conditions

While terrariums are resilient, they do require a bit of care to flourish indoors. Here are a few tips to ensure your WILDROOTS creation thrives:

Location of placement of your terrarium

Before choosing your terrarium you need to foresee the placement of your terrarium where you would put it after your purchase.

If the place receives ample of sunlight and is bright, you cna go with terrariums with succulents, bonsai and cactus. Place your terrarium in a spot with indirect sunlight, such as near a window or under a skylight.

However if the location is dark or dull then you should go with terrarium with  indoor plats.

Note:  Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, as this can lead to overheating and scorching of the plants.

Watering Schedule

Depending upon the type of plants that your terrarium has , wildroots provides a care card where it is mentioned how  to water and how frequently the water is to be given.

I plants are : Succulents and cactus: They will require weekly waterering

If the plants are of indoor plant variety. They will be requiring water once in 2-3 days. Depending upon the type of plant.

And if the plant in your terrarium is a bonsai. It requires watering once in 2 days.

Monitor the moisture levels within your terrarium and water sparingly, as overwatering can lead to root rot. 



With open type terrarium  ventilation is not an issue However with closed type terrarium  it’s essential to occasionally open the lid to allow for air circulation. This helps prevent the buildup of excess moisture and maintains a healthy balance within the ecosystem.


The WILDROOTS Experience:

For those in Delhi, the WILDROOTS store offers a haven for terrarium enthusiasts. Explore a curated selection of handcrafted terrariums, each a unique testament to the beauty of nature. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a novice gardener, WILDROOTS provides the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of the wild into your home.

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