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Terrarium care guide by wild roots
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Terrarium care Guide by Wild Roots

Hey there! Welcome to the magical world of terrariums, where nature and art come together. If you’ve got a lovely terrarium from Wild Roots, you’ve kicked off your journey to making a tiny, thriving ecosystem. In this terrarium care guide, we’re gonna discuss about easy ways to keep your Wild Roots terrarium and its succulents happy and healthy.

Terrarium Care Tips:

Lighting & Temperature: Optimal light, avoiding direct sunlight, and maintaining a room temperature of 19-29°C are vital for a balanced terrarium environment.

Proper ventilation: Proper ventilation is required for better growth of plants in terrarium.

  • Open terrarium : keep it at a place where fresh ambient air is available
  • Closed terrarium: Reduce excess moisture by occasionally removing the lid for a few hours.

Observational Watering: Instead of a set schedule, observe your terrarium. If leaves droops, check soil moisture; water with care, aiming for a slightly moist, not saturated, environment.

Common Terrarium Issues:

  • Mould and Fungus: Combat white fluff or mushrooms promptly. Open the lid, wipe off mould, and ensure air circulation to prevent recurrence.
  • Pests and Flies: Address fungus gnats with soil management; if persistent, consider replanting. Bonsai trees with white spots indicate mould; wipe and ventilate. Use Neem oil Mixed with water for treatment with infestations.
  • Plant Maintenance: Trim tall growth, relocate to brighter spots if stretching occurs, and address weepy plants with measured watering.
  • Tidy-Up Routine: Clean dead leaves, replace deceased plants, and attend to green algae.

Your terrarium is about finding the right balance. Pay attention to lighting, handle common issues, and watch your green haven flourish. Understand that, like nature, your terrarium evolves with time. Armed with patience and guidance, enjoy the rewarding journey of nurturing your tiny and thriving world.

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