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Bell jar Terrarium 
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✨🌿 Brighten up your space with our unique Lamp Shade Terrarium! 🌿✨ This stunning piece is perfect for any room, bringing a touch of nature and light wherever you need it. Whether it's your living room, bedroom, office, or even a cozy reading nook, our terrarium lamp adds a fresh, vibrant ambiance. Transform your space today!  #HomeDecor #InteriorDesign #Terrarium #LampShade #GreenLiving #EcoFriendly #HousePlants #IndoorGarden #UniqueDecor #PlantLover #NatureInspired #HomeInspiration #PlantDecor #LightingDesign
One beautiful bonsai is what you need to beautify your home and office
Get amazing plants with wildroots
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Here is a chance to open your own business at Dehradun.
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Introducing our new Bell Jar Terrarium....
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The contest for naming the new design of Terrarium is on.
The best name with the most likes gets to win the terrarium.
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New Gifting Ideas


We’ve gone to great lengths to bring you some fabulous gifting options for all occasions.


Indulge in divine sweetness with our delectable cakes, crafted to perfection for every occasion. Savor each bite and elevate your celebrations with our irresistible creations

Desktop Propagating Station

Gifting a terrarium is better than a bouquet because it lasts longer, adds ongoing beauty, requires minimal maintenance, provides a mini ecosystem, promotes tranquility, and is environmentally friendly.


Wild Roots, India’s best online plants gifting website specializing in sustainable and environmentally friendly plant-related gifts.”

Discover the essence of sustainable beauty with Wild Roots Gifting, your premium plant gifting company. We specialize in unique gifts, including captivating terrariums, delivering eco-friendly elegance right to your doorstep. As your trusted gift delivery service, Wild Roots ensures seamless and secure delivery, making your celebrations memorable and green. Choose Wild Roots for gifts that go beyond the ordinary, embodying the perfect blend of sustainability and beauty.

Unique Gifting ideas by Wild Roots

Gifts that suits all occasions

Explore a diverse array of thoughtful gifts at Wild Roots Gifting, your go-to online gift portal. Strengthen your bonds with loved ones by choosing from our wide variety of offerings:

 Terrariums: Discover the enchanting world of Wild Roots’ Terrariums, where artistry meets nature. Our terrariums boast various designs, each a masterpiece crafted by local artisans of Dehradun. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these miniature ecosystems, meticulously designed with fresh plants, adding a touch of green elegance to any space. Experience the perfect blend of craftsmanship and nature with Wild Roots’ Terrariums – a unique and sustainable way to bring the outdoors indoors.

Bonsai: Elevate your gifting experience with Wild Roots’ specially curated Bonsai collection. Each Bonsai is a living work of art, meticulously selected and nurtured for the sole purpose of gifting. Our curated Bonsai gifts embody the essence of elegance and nature, offering a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate special moments. Choose Wild Roots for a gifting experience that goes beyond the ordinary, delivering the enduring beauty of Bonsai to your loved ones.

Hand carved Desktop Planters:

Explore the exquisite world of Wild Roots’ hand-carved desktop planters, crafted by local artisans from Uttar Pradesh. These unique planters stand out as the best gifting option, seamlessly blending craftsmanship with greenery. Each planter is a testament to artistry, making it a thoughtful and elegant gift choice. Choose Wild Roots for a gifting experience that showcases the beauty of handcrafted planters, bringing a touch of Uttar Pradesh’s artisanal

Make every birthday extraordinary with Wild Roots Gifting, your premier destination for sustainable and thoughtful gifts. Choose from our curated selection, including terrariums, personalized gifts, green plants, and exquisite hand-carved planters, all crafted by local artisans. These sustainable gifts express your love and care while contributing to a greener planet. Celebrate birthdays with Wild Roots, where elegance, nature, and sustainability converge.

  1. Birthdays: Elevate the celebration of another fantastic year with our diverse selection of sustainable and heartfelt gifts. From lively terrariums to personalized tokens, our offerings are crafted to make birthdays truly extraordinary.

  2. Anniversaries: Mark the journey of love with our exclusive collection of handcrafted planters and personalized gifts. These timeless expressions of commitment and enduring affection make anniversaries truly special.

  3. Valentine’s Day: Ignite the flame of love with our romantic terrariums and unique personalized tokens. These gifts go beyond the ordinary, embodying the growing passion and uniqueness of your relationship.

  4. Mother’s Day: Show gratitude to the one who nurtured you with our heartwarming terrariums and personalized gifts. Express love in an eco-friendly manner, making Mother’s Day a truly meaningful celebration.

  5. Father’s Day: Pay tribute to the unsung hero with our rugged terrariums and personalized items. Crafted to reflect strength and love, these sustainable gifts are a thoughtful way to express gratitude on Father’s Day.

  6. Diwali: Illuminate the festival of lights with our specially curated Diwali-themed terrariums and festive planters. Bring the joy of nature into the celebration, making your Diwali gifts shine as brightly as the occasion itself.

  7. Christmas: Deck the halls with our Christmas-themed terrariums and festive planters, embodying the spirit of the season. Our sustainable and elegant gifts are perfect for sharing joy during this festive time.

Wild Roots stands out as the optimal choice for corporate gifting, specializing in nature-friendly and sustainable gifts that resonate with the values of the modern corporate world. The brand’s commitment to environmental consciousness ensures that each gift is not only distinctive but also aligns with a sustainable ethos. By offering a curated selection of nature-friendly options, Wild Roots provides businesses with the opportunity to make a positive impact while expressing appreciation. The inclusion of sustainable practices reflects a commitment to a greener future, making Wild Roots the preferred partner for those seeking meaningful, eco-conscious corporate gifting solutions.

Corporate gifting with Wild Roots

Online Gift Delivery

Wild Roots assures impeccable delivery of gift items in Dehradun and Delhi NCR through our dedicated courier fleet. With our own vehicles, we guarantee a perfect and timely delivery, maintaining the highest standards of care from our door to yours. Trust Wild Roots for a seamless and secure gift-giving experience in these regions.

Download our app

Unlock a world of exquisite gifting experiences with the Wild Roots Gifting App, now available for download on the Android Store. Elevate your gift-giving game by accessing a curated selection of nature-friendly and sustainable gifts right at your fingertips. With our user-friendly app, explore unique and memorable presents for various occasions. From personalized options to eco-conscious choices, Wild Roots brings you a seamless and secure gifting experience. Download the Wild Roots Gifting App today to make every gift a meaningful and eco-friendly gesture. Your perfect gift is just a tap away!

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