Succulent Bowl Terrarium (4 INCH)

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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often seek solace and tranquility in our homes. One way to infuse a touch of nature’s serenity into your living space is through succulent bowl arrangements. These charming displays not only add a dash of greenery but also serve as delightful decor pieces.

Note:  For regions other than Dehradun, Delhi Ncr, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, the Terrarium will be received as a DIY kit including; Glass terrarium, Succulents / Cacti, Succulent soil Mix and addons.  

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Succulent Bowl Terrarium (4 INCH) by Wild Roots:Gifting Green Elegance

Wild Roots’ Succulent Bowl Terrariums, a harmonious blend of nature and design that promises to elevate your space with its miniature allure. It’s a compact design encapsulated within a 4-inch bowl, featuring a curated selection of succulents, pebbles, and other decorative elements. From enhancing air quality to reducing stress, these also act as natural stress-busters while adding a touch of greenery to your surroundings.Think beyond succulents – consider the overall design of the terrarium. Wild Roots’ arrangements often feature decorative elements like moss and stones, adding an extra layer of visual appeal.

Setting Up Your Wild Roots Succulent Bowl Terrarium:

  • Preparing the Bowl:

Before you start, ensure the bowl is clean and dry. The transparent glass allows for a 360-degree view of your mini garden.

  • Soil and Plant Placement in the succulent bowl terrarium:

Carefully position the succulents in the bowl after layering the stones and coloured soils. Use well-draining soil to prevent waterlogging.

  • Watering Instructions:

Succulents thrive on minimal water. Only water the root zone not spraying water on the succulents leaves.

Benefits of Succulent Bowl Terrarium (4 INCH) by Wild Roots

  • Compact Size:

The 4-inch dimension makes it a compact and space-efficient option, suitable for small living spaces such as desks, shelves, or countertops.

  • Versatility:

The size allows for versatility in placement, making it easy to incorporate into various settings such as offices, bedrooms, or even as a decorative piece in a living room.

  • Low Maintenance:

Terrariums, in general, are known for their low maintenance and succulents are self-sustaining, requiring minimal watering and care.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

WildRoots Terrariums are designed with an aesthetic focus, providing a visually enticing and decorative element to your living or working space.

  • Biophilic Benefits:

Having a small piece of nature indoors has numerous psychological benefits. It can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being by connecting people with nature in their daily lives.

  • Educational:

Terrariums offer an educational aspect, allowing individuals to observe the natural processes of plant growth, water cycles, and the interaction between different plant species within a confined environment.

  • Gift Option:

The 4-inch WildRoots Terrarium makes for a thoughtful and unique gift option for various occasions, such as birthdays, housewarmings, or as a gesture of appreciation.

  • Succulent bowl Terrarium as a Conversation Starter:

The distinctive design and natural elements make the 4-inch WildRoots Terrarium a great conversation starter, prompting discussions about plant care, ecology, and the importance of incorporating nature into indoor spaces.

Maintenance Tips for a Lush Terrarium:

  • Sunlight Requirements:

Place your terrarium in a spot with indirect sunlight. Succulents love sunlight but can be sensitive to intense rays.

Keep your terrarium neat by removing any dead leaves. Regular grooming ensures a tidy and flourishing mini garden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How often should I water my Wild Roots Succulent Bowl Terrarium?

Ensure the soil is dry before watering, typically every 2-3 weeks.

Can I customize the succulents in my terrarium?

While Wild Roots offers pre-arranged designs, some customization options may be available.

Are Wild Roots terrariums suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Wild Roots provides easy-to-follow care instructions, making them perfect for beginners.

What makes Wild Roots succulents unique?

Wild Roots sources premium succulents, ensuring unique and vibrant arrangements in each terrarium.



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