Fish Bowl Terrarium Small (6 Inch)

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Fish bowl shaped glass terrariums created by Wildroots with indoor plants and succulents offer a captivating way to bring nature into your home. These artistic pieces not only beautify your living space but also promote a sense of well-being and eco-consciousness.

Things included

  • 6 Inch clear glass fish bowl
  •  Bottom wooden plate
  • In-season fresh succulents
  • Soil layer
  • Care card

Note: For regions other than Dehradun, Delhi Ncr, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, the Terrarium will be received as a DIY kit including; Glass terrarium, Succulent/ Cactus (Min. 3) , Succulent soil Mix and addons.

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Fish Ball Terrarium (Small) By Wild Roots Dehradun

Introducing the Wild Roots Fish Bowl Terrarium – a mesmerizing fusion of nature and design that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of your indoor environment. Crafted by Wild Roots, this distinctive fish bowl terrarium seamlessly incorporates succulents / indoor plants, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem that adds a refreshing touch of greenery to both your home and office spaces.

Key features of Fish bowl terrarium by Wild Roots

Let’s delve into the key features that make this terrarium a true standout:

1. Succulents / Indoor Plants:

The Wild Roots Fish Bowl Terrarium in-season succulents/ indoor plants, each picked for how pretty they are and how well they look together. Every terrarium is hand made and unique.
Succulents ads vibrant color that makes the succulent look colorful, while indoor plants add greenery and fresh air to your space.

2. Self-Sustainable Ecosystem:

A notable aspect of the terrarium is its capability to thrive with minimal upkeep. The combined ecosystem establishes a well-balanced setting, allowing plants to flourish and resulting in a visually striking and easy-to-care-for decorative item.
The terrarium’s self-sufficiency not only enhances its appeal but also positions it as the perfect option for those desiring a low-maintenance and enduring botanical showcase.

3. **Fashion-Forward Design:**

Beyond being a simple planter, the Wild Roots Fish Bowl Terrarium serves as a representation of artistic design. Its distinct structure and carefully organized succulents and indoor plants turn it into a living masterpiece.
The terrarium evolves into a lively decor piece, encouraging admiration and sparking conversations. It seamlessly fits into spaces where style blends effortlessly with the beauty of nature, making it an ideal enhancement.

4. **Versatility as a Decor Piece:**

The design of the terrarium not only displays the natural beauty but also functions as a flexible decor item. Whether you put it in your home or office, it effortlessly improves the atmosphere, adding a sense of refinement and serenity to any setting.
Its adaptability enables it to smoothly blend with different decor styles, making it a versatile and enduring enhancement to your space.

Perfect  for Gifting

Select a gift that goes beyond the usual – opt for the Wild Roots Fish Bowl Terrarium. This extraordinary choice stands out from traditional bouquets by providing more than fleeting beauty; it offers lasting charm. Unlike cut flowers, this living masterpiece symbolizes longevity and sustainability, creating a memorable gift that continues to flourish.

Appropriate for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations, the Wild Roots Fish Bowl Terrarium is a distinct expression of consideration and a enduring keepsake of your special moments. Infuse the beauty of nature into your gift-giving with this remarkable and sustainable terrarium.

Caring for Your Terrarium

While maintaining fish bowl terrariums is generally undemanding, proper care is crucial for the sustained health of your plants. Follow these tips to ensure your terrarium thrives:

  • Lighting: Position your terrarium in well-lit, indirect sunlight. Avoid direct exposure to the sun, as it can generate excess heat and harm the plants.
  • Watering: Utilize a spray bottle to gently mist the plants. Be cautious of overwatering, as it may lead to root rot. Keep the soil slightly damp, avoiding excessive moisture.
  • Pruning: Regularly trim and eliminate any dead or yellowing leaves. This practice encourages new growth and preserves the terrarium’s visual appeal over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What kind of plants will be therein  fish ball terrariums by Wild Roots?

Plants that thrive in fish ball- glass terrariums are those that enjoy humid and enclosed environments. Your fish bowl terrarium will be planted with in-season succulents/ indoor miniature plants.

  1. How often should I water my terrarium?

It’s essential to strike the right balance with watering. Mist the plants lightly every 1-2 weeks, ensuring the soil remains slightly damp but not waterlogged.

  1. Can I keep my terrarium in direct sunlight?

No, direct sunlight can lead to heat buildup and damage the plants. Place your terrarium in bright, indirect light for best results.

  1. Do fish ball glass terrariums require much maintenance?

Fish ball-shaped glass terrariums are relatively low-maintenance. Regular misting and occasional pruning are usually sufficient to keep the plants healthy.

  1. Is there an after sales support after purchasing the terrariums?

Yes, you can call on our customer care number or share your feedback over whatsapp. Full assistance would be provided.


Diameter 6 Inches




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Fish Bowl Terrarium Small (6 Inch)


997 in stock

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