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Note: For regions other than Dehradun, Delhi Ncr, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, the Terrarium will be received as a DIY kit including; Glass terrarium, Succulent/ Cactus, Succulent soil Mix and addons.  

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Elevate Your Gift-Giving with Wildroots Terrariums: A Timeless Alternative to Bouquets”

Introduction: In a world where gifting choices abound, it’s essential to find a truly unique and enduring present that will make a lasting impression. Enter Wildroots Terrariums – a mesmerizing blend of art, nature, and sustainability. Say goodbye to traditional bouquets and embrace the charm of terrariums that add a touch of greenery and tranquility to any space. Let’s explore why gifting a Wildroots Terrarium is a wondrous choice for a multitude of occasions.

  1. Everlasting Beauty: Unlike traditional bouquets that wilt and fade within days, Wildroots Terrariums offer timeless beauty. These self-sustaining mini ecosystems encapsulate lush green plants within a glass enclosure, creating an enchanting world that requires minimal maintenance. Your loved ones can enjoy the captivating beauty of their terrarium for months and even years to come, serving as a constant reminder of your thoughtful gift.
  2. Unique and Personalized: While bouquets are lovely, they often lack personalization. On the other hand, Wildroots Terrariums come in an array of enchanting designs, shapes, and sizes. From geometric spheres to vintage bell jars, each terrarium exudes a distinct charm, making it a thoughtful and personalized gift. You can handpick a terrarium that perfectly matches the recipient’s personality and complements their living or workspace.
  3. A Gift of Serenity: Terrariums from offer more than just aesthetic appeal; they are a gift of tranquility and serenity. The calming greenery and the meditative process of tending to these miniature gardens can help reduce stress and promote well-being. Whether it’s a hectic office environment or a cozy home setting, a terrarium is a perfect addition to create a serene oasis in any space.
  4. Environmentally Conscious Choice: Wildroots Terrariums are crafted with eco-friendly materials, adhering to sustainable practices. By choosing a terrarium over a bouquet, you are making a responsible choice to minimize waste and contribute to a healthier planet. Each terrarium is lovingly handcrafted with great care, ensuring that every piece is a testament to the brand’s commitment to the environment.

Occasions to Gift a Wildroots Terrarium:

  1. Birthdays: Celebrate your loved one’s special day with a unique gift that reflects their individuality and lasts longer than traditional presents.
  2. Anniversaries: Rekindle cherished memories and symbolize the ever-growing love with a living gift that mirrors the timelessness of your relationship.
  3. Housewarming: Welcome friends or family to their new abode with a touch of greenery that adds life and character to their living space.
  4. Graduations: Commemorate academic achievements with a thoughtful gift that represents growth, renewal, and the beginning of a new chapter.
  5. Thank You Gifts: Express gratitude to someone special with a present that goes beyond words and shows how much you value their presence in your life.
  6. Corporate Gifts: Impress clients or colleagues with a sophisticated and eco-conscious token of appreciation that stands out among traditional gift choices.

Conclusion: Step away from mundane bouquets and embrace the allure of Wildroots Terrariums. As a gift that keeps on giving, these captivating mini gardens offer an eternal reminder of your affection and thoughtfulness. From birthdays to corporate events, there’s an occasion for every terrarium to shine as a unique and eco-friendly gift. So, make your mark with a Wildroots Terrarium and let nature’s charm captivate your loved ones.

Specifications of Glass Vase

Self WateringNo
Length 15 cm
Width15 cm
Height27 cm
Drainage Holes0


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